After the huge success of the MADCAT® Clonk Teasers, it was time for a new version: the A-STATIC Silent Teaser. In heavily pressured waters, the catfish is still attracted by the clonk teaser, but when it approaches the lure, it may get suspicious, because of the ticking beads. What is then needed, to trigger an attack, is the turbulence of an escaping bait fish – without sound! The MADCAT® A-STATIC Silent Teasers are developed to produce as much as possible turbulence, caused by the skirt with a waved edge and golf ball dimples, on both the body and the skirt. Grooves at the bottom of the skirt, makes that the skirt folds away easily when the teaser is lowered (but spreads firmly when lifted). In other words: it will create as little as possible turbulence when lowered but as much as possible when lifted. The MADCAT® A-STATIC Silent Teasers are so sophisticated that it will fool even the weariest catfish again. A-STATIC, meaning: rubber coated, to minimize the electric field that spooks catfish. Note: the coating can wear off during usage.

60153 BLACK 2/0 100G
60154 GLOW-IN-THE-DARK 2/0 100G
60155 FIRETIGER UV 2/0 100G
60156 BLACK 3/0 150G
60157 GLOW-IN-THE-DARK 3/0 150G
60158 FIRETIGER UV 3/0 150G