The ‘Chebaruska’ style of rigging enables you to have a totally weedless presentation that creates more movement in your lure. The quick-change clip that fixes inside the Cheb weight gives your hook free-movement, perfect when using buoyant lures like the Snapper Floatex range. The high-carbon steel hook used is strong, sharp and shaped to be hidden inside your bait. Great for snaggy or weedy environments, or when fish are getting ‘hook-shy’.

Available in the popular finesse fishing sizes and weights. Compatible with the Snapper Floatex lure range.

We recommend:

Size 4 – Squirmz 5cm

Size 1 – Squirmz 7.5cm

Size 1/0 – Reggiez 7.5cm
3gr & 5gr 5 per pack
7gr & 10gr 3 per pack